BeniComp Participant Appeal Form

If you are appealing a deductible reward, you must submit your appeal within thirty (30) days from the date that your BeniComp Health Screening results were released online. 

Acceptable reasons to create an appeal:

  • If you believe your test results are inaccurate or false
  • If your test results are incomplete
  • If you believe that it is medically inadvisable for you to attempt to achieve your company’s goals or biomarker criteria


Click for appeal instructions by biomarker


Please note, your doctor will need to complete the appeal form below in order for your appeal to be approved. 


How to create an appeal

STEP 1: Download and print the Appeal Form


download form


STEP 2: Fill out your information, and ask your doctor to complete the rest 



STEP 3: Submit your form to BeniComp






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