The Solution to Reversing and Preventing Chronic Disease

Population Health Management is a popular approach used by healthcare providers that attempts to improve the health outcomes of a group of individuals suffering from chronic diseases. Although improving the quality of patient care while simultaneously reducing costs can be effective, many Population Health Management programs continue to miss the mark. Since Population Health Management programs focus only on the treatment of disease, patients only receive help after they become sick.

But many patients experience symptoms long before they receive a chronic disease diagnosis. At BeniComp, we believe there’s a better solution. So we created Preventive Health Management.

A person's health can progress from being in optimal health (low risk) to suffering from chronic disease (high risk) or significant health events. Preventive Health Management intervenes by taking advantage of healthy lifestyle choices before patients’ symptoms turn into serious medical conditions. And for those already suffering from chronic disease, Preventive Health Management works to reverse these diagnoses. Ultimately, Preventive Health Management empowers patients to move through the health continuum, getting as close to optimal health as possible, no matter where they start. While Population Health Management addresses only the individuals suffering from chronic disease, Preventive Health Management addresses everyone. 

Population Health Management treats chronic disease. Preventive Health Management will eliminate it. 

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