Leading Innovation in Healthcare with Preventive Health Management

Many insurance companies utilize Population Health Management and cost-containment strategies as a way to help patients manage chronic conditions and reduce healthcare costs. However, these strategies (PBM, CM, DM, UM, etc.) only kick in after a diagnosis, even though patients experience symptoms of chronic disease long before they require a treatment or prescription.

That’s why BeniComp integrates Preventive Health Management (PHM) with their insurance products. PHM uses cutting-edge artificial intelligence to analyze unique data sets, machine learning to predict risks, and functional medicine professionals to stop health risks in their tracks, empowering people to improve their health conditions.

IncentiCare is the only health insurance product with an outcome-based, deductible incentive protocol that rewards employees for healthy biometrics (measured in a blood sample) and significantly reduces the volume of high-cost claims covered by a self-funded employee health insurance plan. The ability to accurately pinpoint diagnoses such as coronary heart disease and diabetes before they occur gives employees an advantage to take control over their health. With help from preventive health specialists, such as BeniComp's clinical team of health coaches and functional medicine physicians, these conditions can be avoided or even reversed for those patients who have these pre-existing conditions.

IncentiCare has measurable impact on improving employee health. Not only does this insurance product offer best-in-class cost containment solutions, it goes above and beyond; leveraging cutting-edge techbology with a unique focus on prediction, prevention, and monetary rewards. Unlike any other product or health-initiative program, IncentiCare has historically seen a 96% employee participation rate and decreasing employer healthcare expenses year after year.

BeniComp is a company that truly cares about solving the healthcare crisis in America. Their insurance solutions empower employers and employees to be leaders in this mission.