Preventive Health Management (PHM)

What is Preventive Health Management?

Built on the premise that “knowledge is power,” Preventive Health Management (PHM) puts information into the hands of participants and provides tools to help them improve their health.

Healthier participants = Healthier groups = Lower insurance premiums for everyone


PHM Includes:

predictive health management stepsComprehensive On-Site Employee Health Screening*
  • Biometric measurements and blood samples create a snapshot of a participant’s current health.
  • These results help predict a participant’s potential risk for many conditions at their earliest, most treatable stages.
  • May be an eligible claim under the base health plan.
Clinical Prevention and Health Education
  • Participants receive an explanation of their screening results via Pulse.
  • Participants have free access to tools and resources to make lifestyle changes and improve health outcomes
  • Participants with critical risk factors are referred to their Primary Care Physician by the clinical director if necessary.
Health Coaching*
  • BeniComp reviews each participant’s results and contacts the participant if any biomarkers are significantly out-of-range.
  • A trained Health Coach works one-on-one via phone to motivate and guide participants toward healthier living.
  • Participants who desire a more individualized wellness plan are able to contact a BeniComp Health Coach.
  • Additional group resources are available for Tobacco Cessation, Nutrition Awareness, Physical Activity, and Stress Management.
The BeniComp Portal
  • An intuitive, secure online portal that stores, analyzes, and delivers participant screening results, as well as pertinent company information.
  • “Corporate Dashboard” delivers company-wide, aggregate health reports.**
  • Customize your company’s incentive offerings by assessing your aggregate health population.
  • Can result in substantially lower annual deductibles or monthly premiums for participants.
  • Encourage participation and engagement.


* Screening results and communication with BeniComp staff do not take the place of a doctor visit nor do they provide a participant with a diagnosis or treatment. PHM tools are designed to increase participant health awareness and guide participants to seek medical help when necessary.

** This is aggregate information only. No participant health information is ever shared with the employer.