Job Description

BeniComp is seeking a qualified candidate to serve as a Preventive Health Division Specialist. You will be responsible for developing innovative protocols and strategic operations as we work with employer groups across the nation. The position is two fold and dynamic. You will be a health coach, inspiring healthier lifestyle choices based on a comprehensive cardiometabolic panel while also strategically developing the preventive health business operarions.

You will be able to work closely with all of the divisions within our company (marketing, sales, development, operations, customer service, etc.) as well as a functional medicine clinical team, our clients, and their employees to successfully implement efficient operations that drive measurable health improvements for participants and help BeniComp live up to our best-in-class status.

Health Coaches will be responsible for developing a coaching relationship with participants, assisting them through the process of engagement, and actively working toward improved health by providing support, encouragement, goal coaching, and education. 

[Health coaches with clinical experience and who have previously worked with employer groups only please]


  • Manage the day-to-day development and implementation of PHM resources
  • Develop the processes and protocols of our Health Coach Manual.
  • Educate team on new protocols and processes
  • Coordinate with other departments within the company to ensure seamless client experience and system effeciencies
  • Build out a team of health coaches and be responsible for schedule coordination
  • Work with large employer groups, reviewing biomarker data and NIH risk levels of employees
  • Identify and establish a relationship with high risk individuals, review personal health risks, and provide health education.
  • Identify target behavior changes and goals, and create action plans.
  • Communicate with clinical teams, clients, providers, etc. to ensure seamless client experience
  • Record case studies and pull data reports
  • Research, evaluate, and recommend appropriate preventive health solutions, providing accurate and effective information to satisfy the questions and issues of the participant.
  • Support operational aspects of the division to meet customer requirements and satisfaction.



  • 2+ Years doing employer group health screenings
  • 1+ years of experience making nutritional recommendations based on results of a cardiometabolic panel
  • Experience in strategic business development, production, or operations
  • Ability to communicate clearly and professionally in both written and oral communication
  • Ability to serve as a facilitator of participant change focused on lifestyle modification, not diagnosis or prescription
  • Ability to learn and use a variety of proprietary software programs
  • Ability to establish priorities, work independently, and proceed with objectives without direct supervision
  • Skill to understand current and potential needs of employers and employees to take appropriate action to support health and wellness


Salary: Will be discussed during interview process - based on experience level and education

Career Level: Experienced

Experience Preferred: 1-2 years

Education Preferred: BA, BS, or higher in health-related field

Job Type: Full Time in Tampa

To Apply You Must: Provide a current resume with a cover letter.

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About BeniComp

BeniComp is an innovative health insurance company offering supplemental products to companies around the country. By addressing the critical health insurance issues of today, we put preventive health at the core of our products. Our passionate, diversely talented team is creative, energetic, and collaborates with some of the most prominent companies in the country.

Our Vision

To develop the future of health insurance as a health solution.

Our Mission

To engage employers as leaders in the movement toward a better healthcare system by providing health insurance solutions that drive measurable health improvements and financial savings.