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Pulse for Employees

Predictive. Preventive. Actionable.

Pulse analyzes personal information and health history to identify health risks. 

Employees receive actionable information needed to practice prevention and achieve health goals.

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Managing your health with Pulse is easy

  • Annual, comprehensive blood screenings are given to predict serious but preventable health outcomes. 
  • Employees can securely access their health results by logging into Pulse.
  • Health surveys and preventive test notifications are available to further control health.

Health Coaches use Pulse to:

  • Communicate with employees
  • Offer further biomarker education
  • Refer employees to a secondary level of care when necessary

At any time, employees can access:

  • Health plan documents
  • Appeal forms
  • Health tool kits

Pulse for Employers

Take control of your company’s health.


Pulse provides employers with the necessary tools to monitor the aggregate health of the company.

Employers can supply additional services to assist with the health of employees, and decrease future health risks. Everyone benefits.

Corporate Health Dashboard

  • View at-a-glance company health overviews
  • Access monthly claim reports in seconds
  • Compare your company’s aggregate health to the rest of our population

Participant Manager

  • Add or remove employees in one convenient location
  • Quickly update employee contact information

Document Manager

  • Access important health plan documents
  • Upload documents for employees to make health plan communication easy